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Our experience in closing renewable energy corporate and asset M&A transactions allows us to utilize real-time market knowledge to create value for our clients. Long-term relationships with leading financiers and strategic buyers allow us to efficiently target the right universe of interested investors and deliver returns for our clients. Our disciplined, hands-on approach to deal execution coupled with our extensive experience in structuring and negotiating complex transactions has allowed us to achieve optimal results.

Competitive Advantage

M&A expertise in sell-side & buy-side transactions

  • Directly relevant track record in successfully closing 10+ development platform M&A transactions, including 6 solar platform M&A transactions in 2021.
  • Deep understanding of investor sensitivities and key economic considerations.
  • Agility in addressing key considerations that impact valuation.
  • Disciplined and rigorous process focused on investor interaction and tailored effective messaging.

Extensive M&A market knowledge

Customizable scope and rigorous process for complex M&A

Strong relationship network

Best-in-class deal team solely focused on renewables and sustainability

Paramount focus on client’s long-term success

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Differentiated Approach

Disciplined process predicated on preparation, sector and asset proficiency, and maximum effort

  • Tactical valuation strategies to maximize value.
  • Tailored outreach to accommodate varying go-to-market strategies
  • Targeted focus on qualified buyer universe
  • Maintain competitive tension among all bidders

Deep industry acumen and relationships

Strong knowledge of management and ownership considerations and objectives

Adept at capturing market interest by differentiating offering vs comparable assets.

Intimate knowledge of investor universe

Aptitude in structuring and transaction negotiation

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