September 30, 2019

Podcast – Clean Energy’s Ever-Changing Policy Risk

Britta von Oesen knows risk. She’s lived it.

As an intern in Lehman Brothers’ global power group in 2008, she watched the collapse of the investment bank happen in real time.

Later, as a wind and solar developer in Italy, she watched European markets grind to a halt after feed-in tariffs were slashed.

And in the U.S., she’s monitored the ever-changing tax policies and regulations that impact wind, solar and storage.

Today, Britta is a managing director at CohnReznick Capital. Her job is to help get wind and solar deals done in the face of policy and financial risk. Her past experiences dealing with extreme uncertainties were an important influence.

“It taught me that things change and the markets move. Those that are resilient and those that figure out how to work in the new paradigm that they’re given are the ones who are successful,” says von Oesen.

In this special podcast episode, we sit down with Britta von Oesen to unpack some of the biggest policy uncertainties in the U.S. and what they mean for renewables.”

Listen here: