October 13, 2016

CRCMS & Banks Agree: US Renewables Yieldcos “are back”

CRCMS’ Managing Director, Nick Knapp, participated in a recent discussion at an AWEA Finance Conference last week in New York, alongside colleagues from Hannon Armstrong, JP Morgan & UBS.

On the topic of yieldcos, Nick Knapp stated that, “For many owners of large renewables portfolios, private sales – or even private yieldcos – may still be a better option. I’d agree with the concept of yieldcos being in a healthy state. But what I would say is with the work we’re doing right now with very strong operating portfolios – private-equity driven – the decisions seems to be leaning towards private trades rather than a yieldco,” Knapp said. “It’s definitely not clear that going public is the right play – people are still cautious.”

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Photo Credit: AWEA